Thursday, April 5, 2012

Big Change Of Plans (And Momentum)

So I entered February very excited to be working on Family Fleece and thinking about my lovely simple wool coat.  It was cold outside.  I was pretty jazzed.  Then the second week of February my plan got derailed.  That Friday I started feeling so sick I could hardly stand it.  I think you know where I'm going with this.  I had been told the week before (when stuff was already going on unbeknownst to anyone) by a doctor that although there was nothing wrong with my husband or I that we may need some fertility help.  We couldn't afford it so I was trying to reconcile myself with waiting till next year to start a fertility treatment plan.  Big, happy, welcome surprise.  God Is Good!

Today marks the start of my 12th week.  I know my second trimester is a week or two away (depending on who you ask), but my sickness seems to be gone.  Now that my days are being spent upright again (instead of face down in bed) I went down to look at my sewing stuff and discovered that I still have the family fleece cut and ready to sew.  Alex's is almost done (minus a sleeve and bottom hem), but Brian's and mine are just cut.  I'm feeling Spring so I think they may go on the shelf to be worked on when it's actually cold.  Luckily, plus size patterns lend themselves to lots of material in the mid-section.  (I won't find out the sex till like June so I don't want to work on baby stuff yet.)

Hopefully my sickness will continue to leave me alone and I will FINALLY get back into my sewing room to do some damage!


  1. **squeal with delight!** I already knew, but reading it still makes me happy!!

    1. I'm looking through your posts from when you were pregnant with Duncan. So very cute!

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