Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Damn My Ambitious Husband

I know that I haven't updated in so very long.  After I was ready to start with the making of Christmas presents we got the news that my husband had been accepted for a new job with a new company with a spiffy new larger paycheck to boot.  The thing was....we are going to have to move again.

Thankfully, to a larger city with lots to do, but it's been consuming all my time getting things ready.  Our "official" move date is 10 days from now (Jan 28) so for the last month I've been getting quotes, researching areas and schools, organizing, throwing things out, and random other moving related things.  We didn't even put up Christmas decorations.  I did however make our new stockings which I would love to show you a picture of...if my husband hadn't zipped them up and threw them in a box!

All of these means the sewing and crafting is on hold till at least Mid-February possibly early March.  Thanks to everyone who reads this!