Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Love My Ass...

but, evidently, Simplicity does not.  Amazing Fit my err...ass.  I'm so very frustrated with these pants right now.  I measure and measure and I can't seem to make it work.  I measured my (high) waist and it's a 40, then I measure my hips and they are a 49 (baby got back to spare).  This, of course, is off chart for the pattern.  Finally, I measured my crotch length and it was, no surprise, off chart as well. 

Calculating from the chart on the back of the pattern I might have been able to get away with a 24, but my pattern doesn't go up that far.  (I want to state for the record I have a Levi's size 14 jean in my closet that I wear often and my ass is fabulous in them.)  I'm considering tracing the largest size (22) and then I will have to make adjustments.  I pulled out my Fit for Real People to figure out what needs to be done.  Apparently this book is only useful for shirt, skirts, and dresses.  They have a whole other book for pants.  That's just wrong.

I'm also considering just chucking it out the window and having my personal cabana boy serve me a Pina Colada...

Option three is to just put it on the backburner and make Alex's vest. 

Perhaps a combo of two and three?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

See and Sew B5203

I finally finished the shirt.  I was having problems finding the time for a while.

The instructions said the collar was supposed to be hemmed with bias tape.  I bought some bias tape that I thought would work with the color of the shirt.  No, really really not.  Too neon green.  Being this shiny (and kinda awesome) green I realized unless I made my own it wasn't going to really match.  I decided to go with a narrow hem instead.  I had done a ton of them for my Halloween cape and with the method from Threads I felt confident it would look great.  I accidentally read the instructions for View A though so no hole in the back. (D'oh!)

Then I was having sleeve "issues".   I looked at the instructions, but decided I wanted to do the sleeves so that it was one long stitch from the cuff of the sleeve to the bottom hem.  Eventually it became obvious that wasn't going to fly with these particular sleeves.  They wanted to be done exactly as the instructions said.  Annoying.  There was a lot of stitch and rip before I just succumbed to the instructions. 
This is honestly the best picture of the shirt on me.  Hair and makeup, but no smile.  :(  I'm starting to think my husband just likes to take pictures of me where I look unhappy.  I did smile, even did a little dance, but those pictures didn't come out right.  Perhaps it was the dance.  Too awesome for the camera to handle.

Here are pictures of my "new" workspace.

You can't see the picture, but the desk has a long arm.  I have a blank dry erase board, a calendar dry erase board, a magnetic board (shown holding pattern instructions!), and a yet to be mounted (hehe) cork board.  So much nicer than just making room on the dining room table.

Next up...measuring my big beautiful ass for pants.