Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Plan

The last week or so has been all about tracing and cutting.  I'm still not done, but I wanted to update with "The Plan" for the Halloween costumes.

Last year I was supposed to make a Jedi costume for my husband and son.  It didn't happen due to procrastination.  Also due to the fact that my husband had unrealistic opinion on the fabric he wanted me to use.  (Wool?  For Halloween season in Texas and Florida?  Really?)  This year I ignored my husband took matters into my own hands.  Here is fabric and pattern (Simplicity 5840):

View D

Next up we have my costume.  We are taking these costumes to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World in September.  They can get kind of touchy when you dress as a princess.  It's not allowed on a regular day (for adults).  For the party they allow it, but they watch you like a hawk to make sure you at no time do you try to pass yourself off as the actual princess.  (Everything short of following you around and yelling "You aren't affiliated with us!".)  For this reason I'm not relying on my princess Belle knock off dress (that and the fact that it's a 18-22 and I'm a 14-16 so I drown in it).  Disney hasn't had a Red Riding Hood movie (yet) so that is what I chose.

The cape:
View A
The dress (McCall's M4948):
View A
Loving the plan for the cape.  Too cool for just Halloween.  I can probably wear it while I vacuum and iron.  No one will ever know...

Finally there is the plan for short stuff.  I finally convinced him Buzz Lightyear was cool than a pumpkin or a gingerbread man (and learned my lesson about looking at costume patterns with my four year old next to me).  I'm going with Butterick 3244:

View C (obviously)
I still need to get the purple and the grey, but the jumpsuit is all white so I'm concentrating on that first.

Four items, tons of pieces.  More than I thought there would be.  Half way done with tracing and cutting though.  Wish me luck!!

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